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Whether you’re remodeling your home and want to upgrade the look of your windows or you are experiencing problems, such as condensation between the glass panes in your double or triple-pane windows, leaving you with a cloudy window that impairs vision, and simply doesn’t look very attractive. Superior Replacement Windows is a leading glass contractor in Waddell, AZ can help provide the perfect solution.

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Window Replacement vs Window Repair

The decision to have a window replaced or repaired will generally come down to the condition of the window, its frame, your budget, and, of course, your overall objectives.

If you are remodeling your home, replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows can be an excellent idea. Not only will you be able to upgrade the look of your home, but you’ll also get the benefit of lower energy bills at the same time.

There are a number of ways in which windows can become broken or cracked. If the window is hit with a baseball or golf ball, chances are it will break. Additionally, storm damage, high winds blowing debris against the glass, and accidents, such as hitting the window while doing landscaping or trimming trees, can all lead to chips, cracks, and breaks. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just the glass that can cause a problem. For example, seals that are compromised can cause problems with condensation and visibility.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the glass, but the window frame has begun to deteriorate. If you feel drafts around your window or you can see daylight coming in, you know you’re wasting energy dollars. A deteriorating window frame cannot provide the energy efficiency you need in order to keep utility bills down. A window repair company will be able to help you determine whether replacement or repair is your best option.

Types of Insulated Glass Windows

With the temperatures in Waddell, Arizona fluctuating throughout the year. It’s not unusual to have temperatures ranging from very hot to very cold. Making sure you have windows in your home that can help protect against high heating and cooling bills is definitely important. Insulated glass is an excellent way to help reduce energy bills, but they can also provide an effective buffer against outside noise.

There are several types of insulated windows, including the following:

• Low e Laminated
• Low e Annealed or Tempered Glass
• Soft Coat Low e
• Hard Coat Low e
• Clear Annealed
• Clear Laminated

An Arizona window repair and window replacement company will be able to help you determine the best windows for your home or business.

Residential Glass

Homeowners who are interested in reducing energy costs often replace older windows with more up-to-date, and energy efficient options. New windows can also add a more modern look to your home. Of course, a glass contractor will be able to install your new windows or provide repair service for windows you’re not yet ready to replace.

A leading glass company can also repair or install glass shower doors and tub enclosures as well as repair or replace glass table tops, and other glass items in your home, including glass shelves or the glass in your kitchen cabinets.

If you’re considering new windows, it can be helpful to understand some common terms. For example, you’ll generally have the option of choosing dual pane or triple pane windows; each has its own advantages.

Dual Pane Windows — dual pane windows are exactly what they sound like; there are two separate sheets of glass mounted into the window frame. There is a spacer between the glass panels, creating a gap that helps to insulate the window. Replacing older single pane windows with energy efficient double or dual pane windows can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills.

Triple Pane Windows — Triple pane windows are a step up from the dual pane windows; however, they also cost more. These windows are made with three panes of glass and two spacers, adding an extra layer for more protection against the heat and cold.

Commercial Glass

Commercial buildings often have their own unique glass needs. For example, a commercial property might have storefront windows, automatic doors, revolving doors, and even sliding doors. These buildings generally require commercial window glass for maximum protection.

There are many other areas in a business that can incorporate glass into the overall layout and design scheme. Some businesses have glass block walls as well as offices with a glass surround. Conference rooms often have large windows, but they might also have glass doors, and even glass table tops. Of course, a leading glass contractor can help repair and install these glass elements.

Other Services Offered by a Waddell Glass Contractor

Whether you need residential or commercial glass, a leading glass contractor  in Waddell, AZ will be able to provide repair and installation for the very best results. Additionally, your contractor can also provide a full range of window screens for your home, as well as sun screens and security screens that can be installed on doors and windows.

If you have sliding glass doors or arcadia glass doors, your glass contractor will also be able to provide quality service to keep them functioning properly. This includes refurbishing or replacing rollers, when needed.

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